Hey All!

My name is Eric Vanders, and I’ve got a story that I’d like to think is slightly unique! Ok, I’ll admit that it’s probably super basic; after all, there are billions of us out there. Well, if you’ve made it this far, then you should know that I’m not too good at icebreakers. Let’s get to the point though, something I’m much better at. If you’re reading the about page, then I’m sure you’d be interested in the inspiration for my blog, the story behind… the Money Xpert.

I grew up near Baltimore, Maryland and had a pretty easy childhood. Went through middle school without any big problems. I finished high school with a diploma and had some big dreams and aspirations leading me to college, the University of Virginia. I had pretty decent grades, but I had a better ego. How could I mess up college? I was smart after all.

If you couldn’t tell by my foreshadowing, this is where the story takes a turn for the worse. Also, I’ll skip the theatrical writing (maybe boring?). Six years of college and a boatload of debt (I’ll keep that to myself) later, I was feeling not smart despite my eventual engineering degree. And I was wondering how on earth I messed up college. I was looking for someone to blame. Luckily for me, I found someone.

There’s this thing about our education system that more and more people like to point out today. It’s not too good at teaching finance. Sure, trigonometry and calculus seem super important in school, but they don’t teach you how to use credit cards or how to take out a loan. Looking back in my advanced age, I am baffled by this fact. And let’s just say I learned how credit cards worked the hard way in college. Then I learned how student loans worked the hard way AFTER college. It wasn’t fun making mistakes, but here I am. All of those mistakes boiled down to one thing.

Financial literacy. Sounds pretty simple. I know how to read. I know what financial means. Put two and two together, and it means I can read finances. While this shortsighted logic bought a few more weeks of ignorance back then, it’s not the right mentality.

Being financially literate is extremely important. Knowing how finances, credit cards, and financial services work in general is pretty essential. Luckily, all you have to do is read if you want to learn more about how personal finance works. How money works. How a loan works. This is where I come in. I decided that I needed to become the money expert that people needed.

Well, there it is. Straight from the heart. I’m a bit of a clown if you couldn’t tell. Earlier, I said no more theatrics, but I wrote a whole stage dialogue on financial literacy anyway. Oh, and I totally wanted to be The Money Expert, but I messed that one up. I figured that the typo fit my personality. So now I’m The Money Xpert a.k.a. Eric. Please read my blog for some financial advice.

The Money Xpert

p.s. This picture is a cartoon, not an accurate representation of me. Though it looks a little more handsome.