Expenses You Can Cut Out to Free Up Some Money

0There’s always times when something happens and you need to free up some more money. Perhaps you lost your job, had some unexpected expenses come up, or want to save for a big trip.

Whatever your reason may be, there are always things you can do to free up some money. You might not like all of them, but sometimes you just have to do what you have to do.

Here are some of the first things I do if I need to free up some cash.

Find Free Forms of Entertainment

When you live in a big city like me, going out can be expensive. You know what I mean…$15 drinks, expensive cover charges, etc.

If you are serious about freeing up some money, you need to find some free (or at least cheaper) forms of entertainment. Consider abstaining from happy hour or the night out on the town and stay in and read a book, watch a free movie, or have some friends over for board games.

Start Eating More Cheaply

An easy place in your budget to save some money is your food.

If you eat out all of the time, stop. You should cook your own food always when trying to free up money. Unless you are making some ridiculous foods, it is almost always cheaper to make food yourself versus eating out.

When you do go grocery shopping, there are also some ways to save money. First off, look into buying store brand foods instead of the name brand. These are often much cheaper but generally taste the same.

Second, look into buying in bulk. Instead of buying 1 lb of chicken at a time, try to buy a 10 lb bag of frozen chicken. Instead of getting a few one serving bags of rice, buy a big bag that you can spread out over time.

Sell Your Things

This one is relatively straightforward. Almost everyone has random things that they no longer need. Go through your apartment or house and see what kind of things you have lying around that are just taking up space.

Maybe you have old computers or phones, an extra TV, some clothes that you never ended up wearing, or almost anything else.

You can sell your things to a pawn shop, a clothes reseller like Plato’s closet, or have a garage sale to see if any of your neighbors want to take some things off your hand.

Last Words

No matter why you need some money, there are always things you can do to find it. See how you can readjust your budget to free up some more for whatever it is you need it for. The ideas above are just some of my first go-to’s. There are obviously tons of other things you can do – you might just have to get creative!

How about you? What do you do when you need to free up some cash?

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